Compass Leadership

Leading through 360 Intelligent Networks, Knowledge and Skills

Brief Summary

Intelligent leadership is an approach that is underpinned by collective values and appropriate behaviours

  • It is about seeking competitive advantage, but also collaborative advantage
  • There is a need to ‘think differently’ about leadership with a shift of emphasis more towards the collective rather than it’s individual nature

It is supported by a suite of development tools - LINKS360®, applicable to all sectors

  • In the public sector, the principal vision and aim is to create social objectives that seek to improve collective leadership as a means of building community well being
  • In the private sector, the approach is focused on improved collaboration both within individual organisations but also in supporting strategic alliances

Collective leadership operates at three main levels:

  • Cross organisational/Executive - represented by Compass 360 leadership
  • Team based leadership - represented by creative leadership
  • Individual level - represented by transformational leadership

Intelligent leadership is the glue that binds these levels together

  • Tools exist, starting from a 360° collective leadership assessment, through to leadership development
  • Our principles of evaluation – grounded in the real world – can also be used as a stand-alone framework